Cramond Campus

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In November 2022, following a period of mediation with local community organisations, a revised route-map was approved by City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) setting out a process and timeline to bring forward sports provision and supporting activities on the site.

An agreed joint community statement from November 2022 at the end of the mediation process is set out below.

Agreed Joint Community Statement
November 2022

The Developers AMA and members of the Cramond Association, Brighouse Residents Association, Cramond and Barnton Community Council and local Cllr Kevin Lang (on behalf of all local Ward Councillors) have been meeting to discuss the delivery of sports provision at the remainder of the Cramond Campus site.

These meetings have now led to an agreed way forward for AMA to appoint PMR Leisure, Sports and Leisure Consultants to now undertake a fresh look at the project and work closely with the community groups, local people, CEC Officers, Sportscotland and others

It is hoped that working together and openly, an evidence-based process will bring forward a sustainable and viable solution for the site which everyone can be supportive of. It has to take account of the community interests and requirements.

The collective has agreed a Route Map for taking things forward and the first stage of this, over an 8 month period, is for AMA to undertake a full new appraisal and needs analysis of sport/physical activity options and supporting commercial elements having particular regard to the need for sports facilities and open space/park for the local community, children and schools, as well as national and regional needs. Consultation with the community will form a critical part of the process. The aim is to reach a consensus on the way forward.

It is proposed that the Route Map will be reported to the Development Management Sub Committee at City of Edinburgh Council in November, which will formally start the process if approved. In the meantime, Penny Lochhead of PMR Leisure will start the early process and next steps will be for her contact details to be made available and a local communications process agreed and put into place.

AMA and the community organisations will engage positively with this process. We hope that all the community of Cramond see this as positive step forward and openly engage with Penny as she takes the process forward. Penny will contact local groups, schools and have local drop in sessions for members of the public to ensure they have an opportunity to share their views.

Agreed Route Map 2022

Route Map
Download the approved planning route map for Cramond Campus.

To commence the route-map process, it was agreed that AMA would undertake a fresh assessment of current sporting options and needs, to bring forward a solution for the site. PMR Leisure, a sport and leisure consultancy, were appointed to undertake an appraisal and needs analysis to fully assess all sporting and leisure options for the site. Since late 2022, PMR Leisure has been engaging closely with the local community to listen to its views and ideas for the site, as well as engaging with sports clubs, governing bodies, sportscotland and others. This process included direct consultation with groups and organisations as well as drop-in sessions and community meetings at various points in the process.

The 8-month initial appraisal process concluded in summer 2023 and since then key sporting and commercial opportunities identified as part of the appraisal and needs outcomes have been tested further through design development and financial planning work and have been used to inform the current concept for the site.

Past Drop-in Sessions

On 28 September 2023, a community drop-in session was held at the Cramond Kirk Hall to provide an update on appraisal and needs outcomes and to seek feedback on an initial site concept. The exhibition boards that were displayed at the event on 28 September 2023 can be viewed below.

Penny Lochhead from PMR Leisure would like to thank those who came forward with ideas and comments on what they would like to see on the site as part of this appraisal and needs analysis process and at the above event. We received some really supportive and encouraging positive comments on the community engagement outcomes and initial site concept presented at the September 2023 event and all feedback received has been used to inform the current proposals for the site.

AMA and its advisors are continuing their focused discussions with sporting organisations to develop up the brief for the sports facilities and to ensure that the needs and partners all come together into a viable solution. AMA’s agents, EYCO are also assisting with finding supporting commercial operators to integrate into the site. These discussions are on-going and we are working towards entering into Heads of Terms with our community, sporting and commercial partners for the site.